Hi! I felt that it was time for a new post on this blog. Especially since its the twelfth December, the twelfth month and the year is twelve too. Isnt it cool? Something thats not cool on the other hand, is that I am very sick right now. Almost my whole host family are sick with the flu. I cant believe that I was healthy yesterday on school. I went home the two last hours because I did not feel well. And now I?m lying in my bed like a big whale. It hurts to write this post, I just want you to know! But I?m doing it so I can remember how lucky I am to be healthy in the future. Otherwise, Camilla, Kylie and me have bought a monthly membership at a fitness-center. I have been there twice so far, and I like it. It is a little bit different than what I am used to, compared to the Norwegian. But it is a lot of different abilities and different kind of workouts. And that is good, so you never get bored. Training is supposed to be funny and not like a boring yell that you have to do. It is supposed to be a source of energy.   

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Hei. Jeg heter Elise. Jeg er 17 år, og elsker bilder, blogg, mote, makroner og musikk. eliseoverg@gmail.com youtube.com/user/eliseamaliee twitter.com/eliseamaliee

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