End of semester one

Trinny and me in Mankato on a girlstrip.

Our yummi csar salad.

camilla <3


Samantha and me had a sleepover last weekend. She is one of my best friends here. I love spending time with her and I now for sure that Im gonna go to Italy to meet her!

I went to Red Lobster last Sunday with my host family. And there I got a tortilla soup with bread.

Csar salad with shrimp.

I also emptied my card a little bit...

I bought me a hat. It was a bit Blairish

Sam has the biggest cat I ever seen!

Hi. We are out of school today because it was the end of the first semester yesterday. This weekend, Camilla and me are going on a camp with one of our american friends church. We are going to stay there til Sunday. Im so exited for it. We are gonna leave about an hour and a half. I just went up early to do my makeup, get ready, have a cup of Chai tea and apple oatmel. Yesterday, my host mom and I went to the supermarket and she got me snack for the weekend. It was so nice of her and now I`m all ready to leave. In this moment, I`m watching Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Its a bit of a drama. With other words, super if you want to wake up!

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