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Last weekend did Jenn, Camilla and me go on a camp with Jenns youth group. It was called Winter Wipe out and it was a whole new experience for Camilla and me since we both are from Norway. It was even more religious compared to camps I have been on with my church, home in Norway. Religion is really important for many americans and it is a lot different from the Norwegian culture. I think I wanna say that americans take the message to a whole new level. They are very uptaken by showing their beliefs and faiths. There are so many different churches to join. I do not even know how many there are in Fairmont, but there is a lot. Maybe 30? And that is a big number compared to that they are ten thousand in population.

So at the camp, we had meeting with a (actually a really enjoyable and good band!)band that played in between. There was a really funny speaker that talked about God. And the camp had a lot of good food. The breakfast were oatmeal and yoghurt the first day. And then they had egg, bacon, fruit and cinnamon rolls the next morning. There where cooked chicken breast for lunch and BBQ sandwich for dinner on Saturday. In the late evening, we had pizza. So there were no starving going on. I were in a volleyball tournament and I did skateboarding and concord the climbing-wall.

We sang with the band and tried to act nice, even it was a bit strange some times with their strong beliefs. It have been a cultural journey for me, personally. And it is so exiting and interesting. Because I know I am going back to my normal life and I don?t have to live this was. And I am thankful for that. I am thankful for the fact that I have a family and friends to miss. I am thankful for all the american people that have opened their homes for me and taken me, when I had nowhere else to go. Driving me around, because I don?t have any car and there is no bus here in this farm country.  

Time changes people. I do not know how much I have changed. But I know one thing. And that is this: that with everything I have experienced within this short amount of time I have been here. There has to be something good taken with me, home to my place.


I?m sleeping over the computer, so I seriously need to have some hours of dreaming. Good night,

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02.02.2013 kl.08:15

Hei, styleheart

Jeg ville bare si at du har en nydelig blogg :)


02.02.2013 kl.09:59

Flotte bilda, og det hørtes ut som det va kjempeartig på campen:)

Eli-Mari Løften

02.02.2013 kl.13:10

Artig å høre om campen! Nyt den siste halvdelen i usa og ta med deg alle de erfaringene du kan innhente <3 Love from me


02.02.2013 kl.17:03

Eli: det skal jeg, og i mellomtiden må du innhente meg på bodøsladder så godt du kan! Love you <3

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