healthy protein panckes

Hei. I know that I might have been sharing this recipe before, but it is so increbantable. Therefor I just have to share it again. This is a perfect small meal, after-workout snack or lunch. Full of protein and fiber. If you wanna watch calories and stuff, you just have to take out the yolk in the egg. And exchange it with a spoon of milk or natural yoghurt.


Okey, here you go:


You`ll need this for one pancake! Oatmeal - 2 eating spoons, egg - one, salt - a pinch, cinnamon - 1 and a half ts, cardamom - 1 and a half ts, milk - 2 eating spoons, cottage cheese - 2 eating spoons!


pic is from here.

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Jeg ville bare si at du har en nydelig blogg :)

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