up for skiing tomorrow

Im gonna go skiing tomorrow with my hostsister. Wish me luck. Otherwise, this Sunday have just been used for practicing music with Antonio. And in the evening, I went out with a couple of friends. We had a late snack and coffee at Pekins. Its been a good day. Now I am ready for dreaming sweet dreams. 

Antonio and I are working on some music right now, and it is going well so that is nice. Have a good night/ day depending on where you are!

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18.02.2013 kl.08:07

styleheart: Fin blogg :)


18.02.2013 kl.08:11

have fun :3

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Hei. Jeg heter Elise. Jeg er 17 år, og elsker bilder, blogg, mote, makroner og musikk. eliseoverg@gmail.com youtube.com/user/eliseamaliee twitter.com/eliseamaliee

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