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Hi, I am blogging from my school. I just gonna write in English so I don?t have to mess around with copying in the Norwegian letters. Yesterday I went to a meeting for track. I might be doing it for the spring. I signet that I wanted to do 100 meter and long jump. I have not made my finally decision. But I need something to keep me up-taken before I go home. The homesickness have been a little heavy for me during wintertime. So I really looking forward to the spring, and going home. I know I?m gonna miss this place, but it is going to be amazing to see mum, dad, Marc and Sofie again. Tack can might be something that can keep me from thinking to much. And the other thing is that I have been working out a lot this winter, and tack is only going to make me better. Because it is a lot of hard work, even if it is gonna be fun!


Today, I am going to work out after school with Sam and Marina. And after the workout, we are going to go to that mexican restaurant we went to last time. Have a great day everyone! 


Og til mamma: du e verdens beste du å haha, bare fordi jeg et du leser dette:)♥

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21.02.2013 kl.15:49

Høres lurt ut! Lykke til med treninga, flinke Elise! ❤


21.02.2013 kl.20:16

Takk for det du. :-) Ikke tren så mye at du svimer av da!

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Hei. Jeg heter Elise. Jeg er 17 år, og elsker bilder, blogg, mote, makroner og musikk.

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