look at the stars tonight

Hi guys. It feels so releasing that it is Friday and the whole package, or what? Plus that some teachers said it is going to be a snowstorm on Monday. Well, guess I just have to wait and see. In the meanwhile, my plans are to go to Fairmonts mini airport. It is just a platform, because there are only ten thousand folk living here, so it is just a small landing space that US have around the country, just in case. It is going to be an astronauta there that are offering a look through his telescope which is pretty awesome. So Kylie and I are going to have supper and then go out to that event.

I?m planning to take an early night today, since the exchange girls and I are going to Mall of America tomorrow. Wii, I am so exited even if I can not shop that much. Money is one thing, but I?m becoming more and more scared for the home-trip. I have so much stuff here. And I have no idea how to get all of it home. That is going to be funny to figure out. Pfff.

Would you like to do that?

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